Plot: Sukisyo is the story of Hashiba Sora, a young student who can't remember his own past. But the strange events that have been occuring lately have made him wonder if they may have something to do with his mysterious past. The latest of these events being his falling from a fourth story window, which he also can remember little of. Shortly after recovering from this accident he meets his new roommate Fujimori Sunao, a childhood friend that he, of course, does not remember. Soon their photographer friend Honjou Matsuri convinces Yoru and Sunao to start a campus business called the Jack of All Trades. For the business they do errands and odd jobs around campus despite Sora and Sunao's inability to ever see eye to eye. As if the situation weren't confusing and akward enough, Sora finds Sunao trying to seduce him while calling him by the name Yoru and referring to himself as Ran. As Sora learns more about Sunao's alter ego Ran he begins to wonder if this Yoru character is hidden within himself just as Ran is in Sunao. Sora can't help but wonder if "Yoru" has something to do with his clouded past. Genre: Yaoi - Romance - Comedy - Drama - Slice of Life Opening Theme: "Just a Survivor" by Tatsuhisa Suzuki Ending theme: "Daydreamin'" by Kisho Taniyama Please report broken links/bugged animes. Alt Link
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